The Body Is Becoming Free and Healed by the Power of the Cross

Voices: Acijam Otxoa
Date Given: March 10, 2024

Acijam Otxoa – The Lord is removing the restriction on your right ankle. The snake that it was wrapped around your right ankle is being crushed. The venom injected on your blood system is being removed. The Lord is saying, I’m also restoring the joint on your left elbow, the right knee. So receive this hour and remove all restriction. The Lord says, I am removing all the drama going four and three years ago. All drama allocated on the joints, the blood system, the neuro-transmission system, I am restoring this hour. I say to you, I’ll make you a company that will move truly and truly be free and the fullness of the power of the cross. At the level of the cross, you will be free.

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