The Bones of Barrenness Are Being Rattled

Voices: Tiffany Smith
Date Given: January 3, 2023

Tiffany Smith – Recently, this last week, the Lord showed me something new in the story of Hannah. When she began to cry out to the Lord, to birth her son and ask the Lord for a son, she cried out to Lord Sabaoth, the God of the Angel Armies, and the Lord began to stir in me again intercession for barrenness. And I’m speaking to people that have settled in barrenness, and I am praying and asking that the Lord will begin to rattle your bones with a cry, and you’re gonna begin to cry out for the God of the Angel Armies, to begin to do and break open what needs to be broken up. And for this next year, for this next season, it is time to give birth. The Lord is saying, do not settle in resistance, do not settle in barrenness, I am the God who is able. And so I am speaking to the atmosphere that has held Christ back, and I’m saying you let go. You let go of the mouth of the saints, you let go of the mouth of the women that are called to birth in this season. And Lord, we are calling on Lord Sabaoth. God, we are asking for God of the Angel Armies, release supernatural reinforcements. Release your angels in this atmosphere to begin to break things open, in the name of Jesus.

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