The Creator is Stitching Together Wholeness in the Nations

Voices: Anne Tate, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: March 17, 2020

Anne Tate – Lord we say that our praise is more contagious than any virus that man has ever created. That they was created by men and Lord we say that You are more than the creation because you are the Creator and we worship the Creator and the Creator does everything perfectly!

Susan Shaulis – You know when you look at the Healer in 1/7/20 like Chuck had talked about, it says in there that He begins to stitch the wounds of the nation rapidly and we declare that there is a rapid stitching that’s beginning to happen, and He has got a needle in His hand that nothing can begin to diminish. So we declare the quickening power of healing is being released into the land and into the nations and into the people and we say it is quick and it is stitching and we will see the manifestation of wholeness come to the land and His people.

Anne Tate – The Lord is saying call out to Me, call out to Me from wherever you are and what you don’t worry about, what you don’t know about Me because I will teach you, I will lead you into all the truth. The Lord says I’m moving across the Earth in unprecedented ways in this season and as I move, grab hold of My garment and come along. The Lord says I am changing everything in the Earth. I am shifting everything and it will be a new Earth and a new day and a new season and what you couldn’t do in the last season you’ll be able to do easily in this season. The Lord says I’m moving you forward in a way that you could not know and you could not understand. And the Lord says I am doing a strange, but complete work in this day.

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