The Desire for Praise and Worship is Increasing!

Voices: Chad Foxworth
Date Given: March 1, 2020

– [Chad Foxworth] – Chuck gave a word this morning, and those of you that didn’t join us, he said that the Lord is creating storehouses in us, all of us are becoming storehouses. What does that mean? That means that everything that the Lord puts in us, He needs to come and get, okay? He wants us to be a storehouse, so everything that the Lord gives us, we’re not saying that it’s ours. So, the Lord’s gonna start giving you more finances to give, the Lord’s gonna start giving you all more time to give, and the Lord says I’m gonna give you more worship to give back to me. So the desire of worship and the desire of praise is gonna increase in each and every one of us, so that’s why there’s such a strong incense this morning of praise and worship because the storehouse is being released, it’s being released, it’s being released. So don’t hold anything back this morning. If you’re a meek person, Moses was the most meekest person but you know what? There was a fire in him that never rested. There was a fire in him that never rested. So Lord we say right now, we release it to You this morning. We release all to You this morning. We don’t hold anything back. Lord, we thank You, we thank You that we are being free to worship in a new way, in Jesus’ name.

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