The Fire of God Will Spread Across Hawaii

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 16, 2021

Anne Tate – The Lord was showing me when Celestine was dancing and Christine was baptized today, and He said, “Be aware, Hawaii, that you’ve been joined “to this mainland for a time such as this. “Because you know the operation of the waters. “And you know how to live with the water around you “and working with the water.” And He said that if you had not, and you know how to get in a boat and find the harvest. And so the Lord says, “I’m moving in a new dimension with you in this season. “I’m sending you out in a new way, “and you’re going to move in the direction of the harvest. “It will be prophetic as you move, “and a new dimension of ruling “and authority is coming over you “as you move in this season.”

Chuck Pierce – Now, everybody turn to the west again. Go further than California. Go all the way into Hawaii. Hawaii was the first state that ever experienced Pentecost. The whole islands experienced Pentecost. And now they’re liberal. They’re resistant. We decree right now that the fire of God is gonna spread across the Hawaiian islands.

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