The Fire of God will Untie & Untwist

Voices: Bob McGregor, Brian Kooiman, Chad Foxworth, John Dickson, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: February 9, 2020

– [Bob McGregor] – The Lord says “I am untying “and untwisting things today.” Some of you have been twisted in knots and you don’t know how to get loose. And the Lord is saying, “I’m not unraveling you “so that you’re in disorder. “I’m untwisting, and untying things “so that you’re in my order.” And some say, Lord, how am I gonna get loose from this? And the Lord says, “my fire will burn off those things “that have got you tied in knots.” And when a fire burns, the orange and the yellow are the impurities that are burning off and then you have blue and then you have violet but the fire of God is white-hot, it’s pure. And if you call upon the fire of God, He will burn off that stuff that doesn’t need to be there any longer and you will be totally untwisted and untied and free to walk in the plan that He has for you.

[Brian Kooiman] – And I hear the Spirit of God saying, “just as I told my disciples to go and untie the colt,” He says, “I’m sending out my messengers today. “I’m sending out my messengers to you “to say I have need of you today, “I am untying you that not only your mire “to an old situation, “but you are being free to step into a new place.” He says, “I am untying your binds, “those things that bound you so that you can be free “to help move with me into your next place of identity.”

[John Dickson] – Sometimes we are bound by our own strengths and even our own gifts. About eight or nine years ago, the Lord began to unravel me, and it was very uncomfortable. But He unraveled me and I said, “Lord, you’re taking everything away from me. “What did I do wrong?” He said, “You didn’t do anything wrong. “I’m unraveling everything good that I’ve put in your life “so I can bring forth something new in your life.” So even the good, even our strengths, our gifts, our anointings, our callings. We could be raveled up in those things but when He begins to unravel you even the good. Let Him do it and it’s very uncomfortable but let Him do it because He will find you back and strengthen you.

[Keevy Phillips] – The Lord is, He’s unraveling our intellect and our knowledge of things we know and things we think we know. It’s like a spiritual detox is happening this morning. He’s going through and he’s cleaning house inside of us. So we can be effective ministers everywhere we go. Lord, we thank You. Thank you, Lord for untying, detoxing our spirit, detoxing our emotions, detoxing the way we think about our culture versus Your kingdom. Detoxing the way we think about church, versus an expression of God that really’s supposed to be church. Lord, we thank You and we allow You to detox us. Now just let them do it. Just lift your hands, close your eyes if you have to, pray in the Spirit, but let Him work this in us this morning until we’re made that one new man with a sharp pressing instrument with teeth.

[Chad Foxworth] – Keep your hands lifted because I’m telling you, this morning, He’s launching us into the deep. When you are launched into the deep, you’re forced to do things a different way. You’re launched into an unfamiliar place. That means that everything that you’ve known is gonna be a different thing. He’s launching you into a place where you’re getting to a place where you’re forced, and you’re sharpened to a function in that place of deepness. So Lord, we thank You right now for this. We thank You, Lord God that our gifts are being sharpened. Our gifts are going to a new level, our gifts are being ready to be used in a new way. In Jesus’ name. We thank you Lord.

[Brian Kooiman] – And if that is you that you that’s identify yourself as someone who’s tied up, I can’t get untied. Do come up here, We’ll lay hands on you, we’ll minister to you. If you’re at the webcast, if that’s you just extend your hand. We want you untied today. When the Lord says, “I’ve come to untie,” we don’t want to miss that appointment. It’s an appointment with destiny to step into the place that He has for us. So if that’s you here, you come up you on the webcast, extend your hands and say that you will be untied and loosed to the place of your destiny and promise.

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