The Gathering is Creating a New Movement

Voices: Anne Tate, Justin Rana, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 26, 2020

– [LeAnn Squier] – All morning long it’s as if we have stepped into a different dimension. I don’t know if you guys have noticed that, but what I saw was a gathering of clans, in this room, in this place. And it was like we each represented bloodlines, so I have just been seeing that all morning, but just now even as John is saying that it’s like we’re bringing our bloodlines into His bloodline. And it was like almost like a medieval gathering is what I saw and with banners and family lines, bloodlines represented coming together in this kingdom expression, to really become part of his kingdom and his bloodline. And literally I just want you to know something has happened, something we have stepped over into some different realm of understanding and then I began to see… A five-spoked hub. It was like a, almost like a ceiling fan with five blades going out. But we know, and I of course I liken that to the apostolic hub that we are here and there are many around the world. But what I saw was that centrifugal force that began to move as the hub began to spin and come into motion. You see what I’m saying this gathering is coming into a motion, a movement. And as it began to spin what happens centrifugal force pushes everything out those spokes. And I saw the five-fold, that’s what God intended and this is not new for many of us. Sometimes we just have to get it again and again. But it was this spinning movement that began to send people out on this five-spoke hub. And if you know what I mean, it pushes all the force goes out. And so I just saw that God was saying I’m going to spread, I’m going to cause this movement here to begin ascending, a force in all these directions. The apostolic, the prophetic, the pastoral, the teaching, the evangelist and I know like in the teaching mountain we got Violet and the team really connecting with Washington and just different places in the earth. And of course we’ve had the prophetic movement going out but I’ve never really seen it this way before. But I’m telling you as we are coming together in His bloodline, as a gathering of the, all the bloodlines, as the clans coming together. Then there is a movement that is beginning to take shape. And beginning to create a force that’s going to send out more and more and more and more. And affect all the mountains of culture. Affect the whole earth. And it’s going to be an irresistible force. I think we’re gonna love it and enjoy it and thank God for it.

[Justin Rana] ♪Oh ♪ ♪ You move us all together as one ♪ ♪ You move us all together as one ♪

[Anne Tate] – You are seeing the beginning of an army that has been judged, that has been shifted, that has been aligned, that will go out in the clan as their call to do what God wants to do and there’ll be team, after team, after team, after team, after team, after team that go from here to the uttermost parts of the world to bring forth His kingdom, not their own desires not the desires of man, but the desires of the Lord for the nations, is being launched in a new way today.

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