The Guard Is Now Changing

Voices: Chuck Pierce, John Dickson, Keevy Phillips, Michelle Hadley
Date Given: August 30, 2020

Keevy Phillips

And the Lord says, “I am removing the sheet off of the men of African American descent in this country” says the Lord. The Lord says, “Even now to you black man, it is time for you to rise and lead this country into freedom again” says the Lord. For the Lord says, “You have been in prison in your mind. You have been in prison in your body way too long, but the word of the prophet went forth five years ago, saying ‘African Americans will lead this nation’ in worship and in freedom. “And it’s time now” says the Lord, “Rise from your homes in this two weeks.” God is circumcising your eyes so you can see. “He is circumcising your hearts so you love again” says the Lord. “America is on the come back, and the black man in America is leading the way into freedom. It is time to be separate. Israel in America is coming forth” says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce

“I say watch the changing of the guard. Watch the changing of the guard. Because in the changing place is where vulnerability occurs. I say watch now for guards are changing. So I say find your position on your wall. I say find your call to be a runner throughout the earth. I say find your position to spread the message that I have for the guard is now changing”.

John Dickson

And the people say yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, . Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Chuck Pierce

“And I say refocus your vision for I watch you put your hope in man when I am repositioning an army throughout the earth. I say it’s that army, it’s those that I will be putting in place, that becomes the keys to breaking forth the future of lands. I say watch, watch, watch, for this is not a day where man is leading forth. This is a day where I have come to set a new guard on the wall”.

Michelle Hadley

I just saw, I saw swastikas, the flags being ripped to shreds, and I also saw them on fire, that’s what I saw. ♪ So we say every anti sematic spirit ♪ ♪ You’re coming down, you’re calming down ♪ ♪ Be burned with the fire of the Holy Ghost ♪

Chuck Pierce

“For I am a God that dismantles. Did I not say through Jeremiah, ‘Tear down that things can be rebuilt?’ I say this will be known as the time that things became dismantled so that they could be established again”.

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