The Heaven’s Are Shifting, Be Awakened

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 8, 2018

  • Chuck Pierce

So, I say to you the Heavens are changing. So, be aware, starting now, of many changes throughout the Earth. Be aware that what I am beginning to shift in the Heavens will now start manifesting in the Earth. I say waken with me. Awaken with me, so that you might add the finishing touch. Of what I long to pour out. For I want you to know that you are laboring with me to pour out the Heavens in a new way. I say awaken with me. And you will add that final touch of revelation, and between your revelation and the glory that I have added to your past prayers, I will pour out a new awakening, and the altar that is now known as the church will begin to speak in a new way. And the platforms will begin to change. I say awakening for much movement will occur in the Earth beginning now.

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