The Light of God Is Shining Over Your Loss

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: October 3, 2021

LeAnn Squier – I saw parents who had lost a child and I just saw an unfathomable loss that was so deep and so dark and I just felt the presence of God just coming around you and I just wanna say to you, though most of us cannot comprehend, we cannot fathom, we cannot even begin to touch on the sense, the visceral sense of that loss. The Lord Himself knows and He’s surrounding you. He’s surrounding you. He’s surrounding you. His light is surrounding you, surrounding you, surrounding you and I’m gonna say you don’t have to do one thing except look up. Just look up and let Him surround you and Father, right now, just as the body of Christ, You say that we are to bear the infirmities of others, Lord, and when one rejoices we rejoice, but when one sorrows, we also sorrow.

So Lord, we just lift up our hand to those who had incredible, unthinkable losses and Father, we just absorb, Lord. We take on a tiny measure. We pull up that, Lord. We just, God, we pull it to our own heart. Lord, we carry it for them. We say, Lord God, lift their weight, lift their burden. Lord God lighten their way. Let Your light shine on their path in such a brilliance, Lord God. Father, we just hold back darkness. Father, we just push back. We stand around them and Lord, on the bloodline of the Lord Jesus, Father God and we just say, light of God, shine on them. Light of God, do only what You can do. Light of God, light their way. Light of God, lift their heart. Lord God, hold back the darkness as we stand with You to do that, Father. And Lord God, open their eyes with hope into eternity, Lord God. This is not all there is. This is not all there is. This is not all there is. Lord, open their eyes to see into the beyond. Lord God surround them with Your light.

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