The Lord is Refitting Your Grip

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: December 15, 2019

Chuck Pierce – Now let me give you a sign that happened to me yesterday. We were having our big bowling tournament at Louisville. And it’s the first one we’ve had this year. And I knew the Lord had ordained that time, I knew that we were supposed to be there. It’s amazing the example that we set for that sport, when we’re there and when I got ready to throw my second ball, all of a sudden when I threw it, all the grips came out of it. Yeah, it was real interesting.

They went all over, Mark went down and got one in one lane and someone else went, Brian went down and got one in another lane. One was down at the pins. But two games later when I threw another ball, all the grips came out of it. Now, when you see something like that, there’s something the Lord’s trying to show you. I immediately said, Lord, I’ll let go. And you can refit my grip on what you want it on.

Now, I believe He’s saying that to all of us today. Don’t hang on to something that you have been hanging on from from last season. Because that grip ain’t gonna work both these balls I got from back in the back here and there, they’re great. But the grip from last season, wouldn’t work for this season. So I’m telling you, just put your hands up, open them wide, and say, Lord, I’m ready to let go. I’m ready to let go.

I’ll grab hold when you tell me to grab hold. You’ll refit my grip at when it’s time for the refitting and that it was a constant progression upward, once I got the right grip for the next season, now say right now just wave your hands. Freedom means you have let go and your hands are free to prosper. Lord we decree it right now in Jesus name.

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