The Lord is Serving You A New Taste This Year

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler
Date Given: September 27, 2019

Linda Heidler – The Lord says, I have prepared a table for you, and it’s the table that was in the tabernacle, it’s the bread of my presence. And the Lord says, this year, you are gonna taste of Me in ways that you have never tasted before, and you’re gonna say, I can’t go back to eating like I used to! ‘Cause I’ve tasted of the Lord, I’ve tasted of the bread of His presence, and I cannot go back and eat anything else. And the Lord says, this year, you’re gonna know what it means to eat My flesh, and drink My blood, in ways that you have never, never considered, never comprehended.

And the only way that you’re gonna make it through what’s coming in the year ahead is by saying, if I don’t eat His flesh, and I don’t drink His blood, this year, I can’t make it. Lord, we just declare, you are all we need! You are all we want! We must have, we must have… You. In a different way, in a new way, in a fresh way, Lord. We will declare we have tasted, that we have seen, the Lord is good. He is good and nothing can separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus because I’ve tasted it, and I’ve seen it.

Chuck Pierce – Wow. And with what Linda’s saying, one of the things I hear the spirit of God saying right now to us is, take what I serve you. Take what I serve you. Eat what I bring you. See, there comes a moment of change for each one of us. So the Lord is saying to us, I’m gonna serve you some taste you’re not used to. I’m gonna present some things to you that you would not have chosen to receive. This will become your choice, but in that moment, a door of access will open to you. In that moment, I will give you an entryway into a dimension you’ve never known. I say to you, take the table that I set before you.

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