The Mother’s Heart of Multiplication

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 9, 2021

Chuck Pierce – Here in 2nd Kings, this is really the woman God showed me this morning for all of us. She is probably Obadiah’s wife, the prophet, very short prophet, prophecy by Obadiah. He was a prophet who had to run from Jezebel and yet he died and he left her with sons. And he left her in great debt. One of the things that I admire about women is how they go through so much stuff and they keep going. Let’s thank God for women who keep going. And he leaves her in debt. And now the creditors are coming to get her two sons. Well, this just reflects the way God is about our debt. And the Lord spoke to me today and He said, “Tell my people I have a way to deliver them out of debt.” I think that came from his mother’s heart towards you.

I think He was saying as a mother to you, “I’m gonna show you how to break out of that debt structure.” On this particular day that we’re talking about apostolic women, the Lord’s saying, “You watch Me activate their ability to multiply in this season. You watch Me show them things that they’ve looked at numerous times, but they never saw how they can multiply. You watch Me show them and give them a strategy over how to save their household and to break out of debt.”

That’s worth shouting for all of us. I say starting this day, that there is a incredible move of God coming on God’s people. And they’re going to start moving in creative power. They’re gonna start moving in multiplication. They’re gonna start moving beyond their own house. They’re gonna start moving into a way that all of a sudden they will be free and free indeed! Let’s give a shout.

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