The Next Two Years Will Be a Swamp

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 11, 2018

– [Chuck Pierce] – Now, let me show you a few things as we move forward, and this is what we’re ahead for two years and four months. You can mark it down today. We are ahead. We are coming through this place. Say, we’re coming through this swamp.

– And it is a swamp that we’re about to come through. Now, we’re in this time of breaking out of conventional ways of thinking. This is very key for us if we’re gonna make it through this place that we’re heading through, and with that, you have to understand, we’re making a shift into harvest. It’s not what we think. And anytime you’re moving into a harvest season, what happens is the separation gets worse, and worse, and worse, and greater, and greater, and greater. Over these next two years, you will see one of the greatest separations in this nation. It will almost look like the Civil War has come. It’s just that God is going to have to define this separation, so we fully understand it. It will cause His people filled with the spirit to rise up as one. Now it’s what’s gonna happen with us. We won’t have time for the racism card. We won’t have time for all of that, because we’re gonna have to be one, and the voices with the anointing, we’re gonna have to learn to follow after the anointing and be able to see the anointing, ’cause the separation is going to get greater and greater.

(Given in Chattanooga, Tennessee)

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