The Planter Will Overtake the Harvester

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney
Date Given: June 6, 2021

Janice Swinney – In my family my daughters, nephew and niece, they haven’t been married but a little over a year, and she got COVID. She’s six months pregnant. She was six months pregnant with child. And they had to take the child by C-section. The child looked like she was full term. She was almost immediately breathing on her own after a couple of days. Growing like a weed. But with Ashton, who was the niece, they had to put her in an induced coma, put her on an ECMO machine, and begin the process. The diagnosis was not good. And the prayer that began, the declarations and proclamations, and prayer was so amazing. It covered three States. Many people were praying and declaring. But these were innocent. These were the innocent. These were the victims. That the enemy wanted to take out. And the Lord, It’s been over a little over a week and a half I got a word yesterday. Ashton was out of the coma. She was awake, talking to her husband. This is our miraculous God! Give Him glory!

Anne Tate – And the Lord all through that process filled our mouth with seed! Seeds of redemption! Seeds of prophecy! Where we spoke into it and decreed, everyone that was on that team was speaking and decreeing. I say today, this week, the Lord is filling your mouth with His seed! And everywhere you spit it out will be quickened! And the planter will overtake the harvester!

Chuck Pierce – Now, I want you to tell the enemy, you’re not going to walk on my ground. I was thinking about what Anne was saying and when I give, that’s a portion of what I’ve harvested. So that I can give it. It is seed. Every penny attached to that giving is linked with a Word, or a Spirit of God. Or something Holy Spirit has done. Therefore, when I let it go, I know it will prosper. I am telling you right now, tell the enemy to get off your ground. Your crop is going to come up!

Janice Swinney – Chuck, the other part of that testimony is, my daughter and I and Anne were at a church last Sunday, we were on a journey. And in the midst of it, the Lord spoke to my daughter and said, “I want you to give into this ministry this amount.” And it was larger than what she would normally have given. Especially in a church that she wasn’t part of. But, she was obedient. She walked into the office the next day, which was Tuesday morning, after the holiday. They had given her a $9,000 a year raise.

Chuck Pierce – I’m telling you, you need to just be throwing your hands up and say everything is getting off on me! It’s all coming off! And, enemy you’re not going to walk on my ground!