The Resurrection Life of Jesus Is Your Portion

Voices: Linda Heidler
Date Given: December 10, 2023

Linda Heidler – I had a vision and I saw Jesus as He was laid in the tomb and the wrath of God had been poured out on Him and the wrath is not like the discipline. It’s not like the punishment. The wrath of God is all-consuming. When God pours His wrath out, there’s nothing left. It is… It is… Whatever His wrath is poured out on is destroyed and Jesus had received the full expression, the full release, of all the wrath of God and it had destroyed Him. It had destroyed His body. And I saw that broken, whipped, cut, bruised, you know, lacerated body being put in the tomb. And God said, “There’s some people who feel like the wrath of God has been poured out on them and they have nothing left.” God said, “You need to know that is not my wrath. Whatever you’ve been going through is not my wrath.”

– [Chuck Pierce] That is so good!

– Jesus took my wrath. He took all my wrath. I have no wrath left for you! Whatever you feel like has destroyed you, whatever you feel like is annihilating you, it is not my wrath! Jesus went into that tomb, a broken, bruised, bloody body. But three days later, He came out whole! He came out healed! He came out victorious! God says, “That is your portion! That is what I have for you! That you may have experienced the wrath of hell, but Jesus took that, too! When he went to hell in your place so you could be raised new just like Him.” And when James started singing, “I see Jesus,” standing on the mountain of Zion, surrounded by the heavenly host, he will shake the heavens and the earth and restore the hearts of men back to their God. Let your heart be restored back to God today. If you have ever believed for a minute that God was pouring His wrath out on you, put it down in that grave and come up new, healed, and whole.

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