The Roar of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah Is Backing You

Voices: Melinda Richardson
Date Given: May 7, 2023

Melinda Richardson – We need not let our roar be premature. It’s timed. If you watch a lion in a natural, he walks around and he waits. There’s a time that should release your roar, so that it’s effective. And that’s what he prophesied over Valerie, that in this last season there’s been a confidence that should have been arising in each one of us. It’s been built through trauma, it’s been built through pain, it’s been built through hopelessness it’s been built through doubt. It’s been built through fear. But the Lord is saying, now I need you to rise up and stand. In Amos 3:8, where it says, “The lion has roared, who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken to the prophets, who can but prophesy.” Begin to let your pain, your trauma, your misconceptions of the last season arise. And when that roar comes out of you, it’s not just you, it’s the lion of the tribe of Judah backing you in the front of you, it’s a prey that you’ve not known of. And watch your response. Last season’s response to things that happened to you cannot go forward. Just like this morning when we worked out the father’s business, he turned it around before our mouth or our heart could even align. So listen, let the lion of the tribe of Judah time your roar in this season. We decree that over Honduras. We decree that over Venezuela. We decree that over Colombia. We decree that over Latin America. We decree it over Africa. We decree it over the United States. In the mighty, matchless name of Jesus Christ.

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