The Scarab Mentality Is Breaking

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 26, 2020

Chuck Pierce – We have to remember that one of the reasons they broke out of Egypt was because of economic oppression. And what really angered Egypt was that they didn’t have their free slavery any longer. And they didn’t have those that they could oppress any longer. And really, all the gold and silver that the Israelites went and asked for, when the Lord told them to go ask your neighbors for gold and silver. It was theirs to begin with! They had brought it in, to Egypt. Joseph had a mass welfare and then another pharaoh arose.

That’s what you always have to understand. Watch another pharaoh arising with great oppression, especially over God’s people. And what this pharaoh did, was make them exchange all of their wealth, for scarabs. Well, when one of our dear, a long time elder, was cleaning out some of the inheritance that had been left for them, over this past two Passover weeks that we were in, they found a scarab, and the Lord said on this first fruit, I want you to set My people in timing, to prosper in a new way, and you break the power of that scarab mentality off of them, and you decree that no longer, they will settle for operating with scarabs to exchange with, but they will come into agreement that I have new provision. I have new wealth. I have new blessings, so we decree off your bloodline, and off this bloodline, and off of our bloodline, that the scarab mentality is being broken.

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