The Train of Deception Is Coming to a Halt

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Sheryl Price
Date Given: May 6, 2020

  • Chuck Pierce

Now listen to this dream that Sheryl Price had.

  • Sheryl Price

Good morning Chuck and Watchmen team. I went to bed the night before last with the presence of God in my house, I could feel it, feel Him, and I had a very unusual dream. I woke up and I wrote it down and this is the dream, I dreamed that there was this very modern, shiny, swiftly moving train, and there were people being coerced or they were being told that it would be a great place for their family to go on this train, it would be like a vacation. And I got on the train to check it out, I wanted to see what these people were being coerced into going into, and it was called the beef train, and they called it the beef train because on the menu was beef, so when you would go for a meal, there was beef on the menu. I got on the train and began to look and there were long seats where a whole family could sit together, and an oriental woman came up to me and she said “Let me show you our cattle car.” Because on this train they not only had places for people to sit and to sleep, they had dining cars, but they had a cattle car and they had a slaughterhouse. So she took me back to the cattle car and she said “Look at our cows.” well I looked where she was pointing and they were not cows at all, they were large golden retriever dogs and I said to her, they’re not cows, they’re dogs, she went “They’re cows.” and I said, no, they’re golden retrievers, they’re dogs, she went “They are cows.” and with that she took the leash of one of the dogs and walked into the adjoining slaughterhouse and when the door of the slaughterhouse opened I could see some of these golden retrievers hanging like meat, they had been slaughtered to prepare the next meal. And I woke up, and that was the dream.

  • Chuck Pierce

Now this is very key for where we are right now. We are not getting on a train of deception . Cut it off right now . We say this train of deception that has been going on and moving fastly is coming to a halt in Jesus name . We decree it right now, the train of deception is coming to a halt immediately. And with that, cows represent sources of food and nourishment and our abundance, we say we will have sure abundance that comes back, we will have sure abundance that comes back. Now in dreams golden retrievers remind us that we have support, skills and knowledge to accomplish our goals, and that we trust our instincts and we overcome any agenda that’s keeping us from meeting our goals. Now lets stand up right now and lets decree that, we will not be stopped, we will not be deceived, we will get clear new nourishment and we decree that goals that are trying to be stopped that are Godly goals, will be expose, they will not be killed, they will not be stopped, we say Lord let your nourishing power come and let our instincts and discernment’s rise up in a whole new way, in Jesus name.

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