The Treasuries of Heaven Are Shifting Into the Earth Realm

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: September 18, 2020

LeAnn Squier – I’ve had several dreams in the last few weeks that, in the dream, somebody is looking at me and telling me I’m extraordinarily wealthy. And I knew it wasn’t monetary so much, but it was like the Lord, when I woke up the Lord said, “You don’t really fully understand “the wealth of the kingdom that you represent. “You don’t really understand the wealth of the virtue, “the wealth of the excellence, “and also even the economic wealth of God’s kingdom.” And so I just feel like there is another shift in our identity to come to a new place of identification as ambassadors of His kingdom with great wealth and great, just extraordinary excellence in virtue on our lives, and people in my dreams that did not know me were identifying me as that.

And I was like, “I feel like it’s a case “of mistaken identity here. “I don’t think that’s who I am.” But when I woke up the Lord said, “No, that’s exactly who you are. “And you’ve got to begin “to understand who you are in this hour.” So even with that, yeah, yeah. All of us, all of us, all of us, all of us, all of us extraordinary favor, extraordinary access to the wealth and the resources of the kingdom for God’s missions to be accomplished. And His purpose is to be carried forth. I’m gonna tell you, there is a portal following each one of you, that has a full access to all the resources that you need to accomplish what He’s called you to do in this hour. So we just say right now, just a new mantling of wealth and favor upon you, wealth and favor, a new mantle of wealth and favor upon each of you, upon all of us. As we go forward to accomplish all that’s in His heart.

Chuck Pierce – Now, the reason I came up here was, I went back all of a sudden, I felt the spirit of God tell me to ask Brian what time it was and it was a 22, 2:22. And of course that’s Dutch’s testimony, but all of a sudden, the spirit of God download in me based upon what LeAnn is saying, and He said, “Let the earth know “that my treasuries of heaven are being imposed upon them. “I am changing the keys to the treasuries of earth, “and I will be causing My kingdom people “to start using those keys in supernatural ways. ”

I say, tell the nations that their treasury supplies “are beginning to change.” Now, this is a physical thing, you can read about in the paper. I saw it so clearly. I saw headlines. The Lord said, “I’m changing treasuries.” One of the words for this year has to do with gold and is the only time that two different words are linked with gold like it is. And God says, “Every place where gold has been uncovered, “I will either expose the corruption, “or recreate a new move of wealth.” I say to you, the treasuries of heaven are shifting into the earth realm.

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