The Upper and Lower House of Korea Is Being Filled

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 28, 2020

Brian Kooiman – And we speak to the upper & lower of Korea. And we say, “You’re coming back together.” We say that, “The house of Korea is being filled.” We say, “Arise, shine, Korea. There is an outpouring, there is a destiny, there is a future for you.” We say, “Come together and receive the infilling of the Lord!”

Chuck Pierce – Caleb asked for the upper and the lower springs. I say to you Calebs in Korea, “Ask me for both.” This is your 70th anniversary. The Lord says, “Ask me for both the upper and the lower.” We come, we’ve warred for your nation from here. I even see that right now nations that have warred for other nations, ask for their harvest. Nations that have warred against other nations, ask for their harvest. I say to you, “Cry out! For this is a time that I am raising up a harvest cry from the heart of Jerusalem that will go around the world!”

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