The Word of God Is Moving Through the Generations

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: March 26, 2023

LeAnn Squier – The word of God doesn’t always just go down to the younger generation. I saw it coming backwards again. And I wanna tell you your children are gonna prophesy to you. Your children are gonna speak life in you. Your children are going to help renew you even your children’s children. And so right now the word of God is forever settled and it’s ongoing. It’s an everliving word. And so it’s always active. There was a moment once when I was reading about the anointing of Bethany that I literally stepped into a portal and I saw the word taking place and I was like, Lord, what in the world does this mean? And He said, the word is always happening. It’s always happening. It’s always alive, it’s always ongoing. And so we’ve gotta take our time, space, dimension constraints off of the word of God and off of the spirit of God. It can go forward, it can go backward. He can move us forward in time with the Word and He can show us step in backwards in time as if we were present at the moment. It happened in history. So Father, I just say right now we’re taking off constraints of our understanding. We’re gaining new understanding. The way you understand the word it’s going in every direction. It’s always living, it’s always producing. Lord, we thank You right now that what goes down the generations, it’s surely coming back up the generations and bringing life and blessing to those who have even gone before in Jesus’ name.

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