There Is Grace to Be Transformed

Voices: Amber Pierce
Date Given: April 30, 2023

Amber Pierce – And the Lord would say the bride is coming up out of the wilderness. The Lord says to you right now everything that’s held you captive, this is the day. This is truly the day to break free and emerge forth. The Lord says that there is a supernatural grace right now. If you grab hold of it right now, there’s a supernatural grace to let go of, to actually to forgive, let go, and be transformed completely into the bride for the future. Really, this is really important. There is so many thoughts going through our heads that sometimes we don’t feel like we can control ’em and that’s a deliverance issue or we’ve gotta get delivered over what’s in our heads. So right now, in the name of Jesus, I decree that those thoughts, the wrong thoughts, that that deliverance will happen right now in your minds over your thoughts, over your soul. And right now, I decree they will be replaced with everything that God is saying, everything that God’s speaking over you, everything God has promised you, everything that God sees for you for the future.

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