There Will Be a War Over the Statehouses

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 11, 2021

Chuck Pierce – I heard the Lord say, “Now, give a little instruction over how to build.” See, we’re all at a different stage. But I do know, for this nation, we will have to do something. The Lord said, “To build My House again in this nation, I want you to go to your state house.” So I see, number one, worship teams worshiping in the city where our state houses are. You’ll just watch it happen. You’ll hear of it happening. Don’t try to make it happen. When you’re worshiping at your state house, you’re going to decree that righteousness will become a new foundation. Now this is gonna be different than anything you’ve done, and I think some of you have decreed that every day, but then you’re going to let God shake the foundation. There’s going to be a war over our state houses this year. So I want you to get ready for that. I could elaborate, I write books. You can read things. You can read how China in 2020 was going to send something to shut down our economy. Don’t be deceived in a lot of this.

The third thing that’s going to happen while you’re worshiping in that city where your state house is, is you’re going to decree that Jezebel get pulled out of the House. You’re not gonna try to pull her out, you’re gonna watch her get pulled out. Because God won’t pull her out until there’s a seed to be brought forth to be seated in place. But we’re going to see a real war over that. You might as well just enjoy it all. You might as well not try to politicize it all. Just get in your place in the Kingdom, and watch the Lord turn it upside down. Don’t try to tell Him who the Jezebel is that’s going to get pulled out. He already knows who she is. It doesn’t even have to be a she, it can be an Absalom that’s sitting there doing the same thing. The Lord is going to move on Washington, DC. I hadn’t even thought of being a part of that for a little while, and I saw it a minute ago when he was speaking. Now, His moving on Washington, DC, He can define that. And if you will come into agreement with Him, it liberates His Spirit to do it. One thing I want you to think of is the House is His House.

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