This Is a Week to Seek, Hear, and Reflect What Heaven Is Saying

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Judy Block, Keevy Phillips, Mark Waldrep, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: May 16, 2021

Shatece McLeod – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, you’ve been operating in the shadow next to you, but I say to you I’m bringing that that I put into you out into the light. I say, this is a week of seeking me. It’s a week of hearing me. It is a week for you to say no longer will the shadow overtake me but now I will reflect what heaven is saying as I stand in the place You tell me.

Keevy Phillips – For this will be a week of holy agitation and I will agitate and agitate and agitate you again until I get the right response out of you. This will be a week that you will fully see if you do not submit to me, I will prick, and prick, and prick because you belong to Me, says the Lord. I will prick and prick until I get My holy response out of you, says the Lord. Submit to Me this week or submit to Me pricking to you this week. Whichever way you choose, I’ll go with that. But I will have the response out of My people because the word My word will not return unto Me void. So submit to wherever which one you choose, I could go either way with you, says the Lord.

Mark Waldrep – The Lord says, grab hold of Me. What that over amped mind is doing, that runaway program, let go of that because what doesn’t make sense in your head makes beautiful, beautiful sense when you connect with Me in the spirit. So that’s where I want you to be. Surrender, submit. Your spirit man is connected to Me. Your head has a purpose, but that’s not where you’re gonna find Me.

Judy Block – So I am going to respond. I’m gonna be obedient And I’m gonna strike the ground.

– Freedom! I’m gonna strike the ground. New gates are opening!

– I’m gonna strike the ground for the new anointing!

– I’m gonna strike the ground for new authority.

– Freedom in the holy spirit!

Chuck Pierce – Shout it, shout it, shout it!

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