This is the Week of Redefined Boundaries & Atmospheric Alignment

Date Given: April 5, 2020

Chuck Pierce – Now I want you to shout this, what James has prophesied, the Kingdom of Darkness is coming down. Viruses are like demons, they must find a host. And in that host, they don’t want the host to die, they want to control the host, spread, and literally take over the world. Decree right now! This dark spirit, is letting go and backing off, withering and dying.

– We speak to you. We say quit preying on the weak. We say right now, “let new strength rise up in the Spirit of God’s people. We say let a new breath of the Spirit come forth. I say to you, this is turning point week for my people. I say my people must open their mouth and create an atmosphere that will cause these spirits to back away. I say to you, now is the time. I have worked a work and I am working a work and I will continue to work a work in the nations, but I say to My kingdom, command those spirits of darkness that they will not prey and overtake the land. I say you’re called to this land. My kingdom is within you. I say the earth is Mine and the fullness there of, take a stand for My fullness.

And I say to you, I’m redefining boundaries this week. Find your new boundaries. Stand in those boundaries and decree the upper hand of the enemy must leave. I say to you, this is the week of redefined boundaries. This is the week of atmospheric alignment. I say to you, stand and decree now, this land is God’s land. I say, My earth, My earth, My earth. You are my ambassador. Take your stands.

Chuck Pierce – And I say you need a healer. I am a healer. I say cry out. Medical can not do what I can do in an atmosphere. It is you to set the atmosphere for medical innovations to be created. I say to you, you cry out, and the healer will come. Right now you say I’m going, I’m ascending, I’m going up. I’m not going down six feet under. I’m going up. I say if you’ll go up I’ll penetrate the ground and unlock the inequities that are working within it. I say you rise up. Go up and tell death it must let go.

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