Three Years for America’s Harvest to Be Unsealed

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 17, 2022

Chuck Pierce – The Lord says, when you plant this victory, you are coming up to plant and cause a nation to sprout again. You’re going to go, you’re planting to cause fruit that has been postponed over the last two years to start producing in a new way. And I say, I’m already developing the highway for you and sending the angelic help and sending the sound and sending the tool that will redig a nation. I say to you, you’re not just going to be able to redig a well, but when you begin redigging the wells, it’s going to have to cause a nation to become a well, sayeth the Lord. Three plants, three plants. See, I didn’t even know that.

The Lord says these next three years I am beginning today at this Passover. And I’m going to give you an anointing in this land as My kingdom people, to start causing what’s been shut down, shut up, sealed up and stopped. I’m gonna cause you to break seals all across this land and I’m gonna send angels to help you. Go with My angels because sub-lands will be a part of this land will become more desolate, while you’re unlocking other parts of this land and they’re producing. But I say, if you start now before the end of the next three years, you can cause a whole nation to blossom again.

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