Three Years of Polishing for California

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 16, 2022

Chuck Pierce – But God spoke to me for California when Eleanor was speaking and He said, no, when Robert was speaking. He said, “I offered you the most riches. I offered you the land of produce. I have caused riches still to be stored, that have never been found in that territory. And I say to you, your glow over that favor is being lost. I say, the favor I offered you is now being tarnished but I will make an agreement with you. Over the next three years, I will repolish that state again if you will ask Me to repolish that state. And I say, do not control My cloth that I use in the midst of the polishing. I say, I will begin to polish in the next three years and extend your time of choice. I say, I will extend that time of choice. Watch Me, ask Me to come, cry out for Me to come and I will come. But remember when I come, I visit to see how you’re in operation. And I say to you, get ready. If you want Me to come, I will come and visit you the next three years. But in the midst of that, give My hands freedom to do what needs to be done and if you will, the root I planted there can produce again” sayeth the Lord.

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