Today’s Residue Is Coming Off

Voices: Anne Tate
Date Given: May 18, 2020

Anne Tate – And the Lord says, this is a season when I’ve drawn you to Myself. And at this point in the day, it is time to let go of everything you’ve been wresting with all day long and begin to enter into the next watch when you get home, and begin to stand in front of the Lord and allow Him to take the residue of the day off you and begin to meditate on what you will speak into for tomorrow. The Lord says that I have set before you some things to move through a day and to become a conduit for Me to press through you, for Me to flow through you. Not your anxiety and not your stress, but My love and My protection and My care, and I have longed to hear you call out to Me, and I will answer. The Lord says, call out to Me, and I will answer.

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