Tune It Up

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 29, 2023

LeAnn Squier – And I hear people saying within their hearts, Lord, I’m lacking in some areas. How will I accomplish these things that you’ve shown me? How will I fulfill that? Look at me. I’m just less than I need to be. And the Lord says I have latent heaven switches within you, on your DNA. And the Lord says, we can flip a switch together. And the Lord says, you’re going to find yourself with new abilities that you did not know were resident within you. They have lain dormant. But the Lord says, I and you together can flip the switch. And you will see that you have exceeding, abundant, great resources and skills that you did not know you had. You did not use, you did not put a call upon. But the Lord says this season you will. And also He has been saying the enemy’s told many of you, tone it down. Like Melinda, tone it down. You need to tone it down. But the Lord said to me this morning you need to tune it up. You need to tune it up. You need to tune it up.

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