Unrighteous Decrees Are Burning

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Lisa Lyons, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Shatece McLeod – (Speaking in the Spirit)

Chuck Pierce – I’m gonna start. Anybody just add in. I say to you. Decree that certain papers that have been written will come to ashes. Decree that cinders would come. I say to you, I’m stirring a wind that is filled with fire. And I say, I wanna burn up some decrees that have been made, that need to be un-decreed. I say, and those ashes, you use for fertilizer in days ahead. For I say, that’s how I see some of the things that are being done now. I say they need to be your fertilizer to grow what you wanna grow in the future.

Keevy Phillips – The Lord says, even now I am going to reveal myself to the enemy as the ultimate chess player, says the Lord. The Lord is saying, the enemy has been playing checkers, tick for tack with this decree and with this edict and with this stay home order and with extending things that don’t need to be extended. But I am getting ready to show the enemy today that I am the ultimate chess player, says the Lord. I have a ram in the bush. I have a remnant called the people of God. And I’m getting ready to put them into place. Begin getting ready to move the priesthood into place, says the Lord. I’m getting ready to move tribes into place, says the Lord, into times and season. Know this day, I am the ultimate chess player, and checkmate’s getting ready to come down.

Lisa Lyons – And I heard the Lord say, there’s a coin toss coming to the government of this nation into Washington D.C. And He says, it’s a two-headed coin, and on one side’s been politics, and on one side’s been governments. And know today that when I flip that coin, it’s gonna fall on the side of governments. And where politics has ruled, governments will now rule.

Anne Tate – And the Lord says, this is the end of the confederacy, that have joined hands in secret handshakes to plot and to plan a vain thing. And I’m gonna show you how vain it is!

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