Walk in the Resurrection Power of Pentecost

Voices: Violet Dickson
Date Given: May 21, 2023

– Violet Dickson – I’d like to share something because this is for the body. Several weeks ago, I went in for lab tests, and I did not get a good report. And so I pressed into the Lord, it was like, God, what are you doing here? What are you saying? And He said, “If you will not fear this, I will not allow it to attach itself to you.” He didn’t say, “I’m going to heal you.” He said, “Don’t fear.” That next Sunday, Keith said there’s an anointing for healing here. We hadn’t told anyone. I didn’t even call John at work, and tell him, I waited till he got home. It was like, God, I am not gonna walk in fear in this. We didn’t even tell our kids. Our kids didn’t know. Our boys didn’t know. And so that Sunday, Keith had a word, he said, there’s an anointing for healing. Step out into the aisle, someone will pray for you. And I looked over and saw Pam Pierce, and he was like, I knew Pam. You know, we’ve been in covenant together for over 35 years. I knew I was supposed to ask her to pray. And I didn’t even give her any details at all. I just said, got a bad report, would you pray? What she prayed was that there, that the Lord would place a blood barrier between me and the disease. Now, we still had to press in.

We had to press in for a few weeks. They rescheduled. They were bringing in a special surgeon. We had to change our schedule a couple of times. So we had to press in through Passover. We walked through the Miracle Center. We prayed, we prayed over the Miracle Center. There was so much new happening here with the first peoples, and the new covering over the Miracle Center. And we just knew this is a time of new. This is a time to expect God to do something new. So I went in for surgery after that, and the surgeon came in and he took a look at it, and he said, “This doesn’t look the same to me.” And he is looking at the reports and the labs and he is looking at, and he said this, and then he turned to me and he said, “What do you think?” And I said, well, it looks different to me too, but I’ve had a lot of prayer. And he said, “You know what? I’m gonna order more labs. We’re not gonna go in until I see what’s going on here.” He said, “I wanna look again.” So we got the lab results back. He said, “You’re clear. There’s nothing here. There’s nothing here.” So I declare in this season that we’re stepping into, we’re gonna look for God in new ways. We’re gonna expect the unexpected. You know, the resurrection power of Passover that occurred, God caused death to work backwards. It was not the norm. It worked backwards. So Lord, as we press in now to the Holy Ghost power of Pentecost, we are looking for You to work in miraculous ways, in ways that we would never expect. And no fear, no fear!

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