Walk the Tightrope With Me

Voices: Chuck Pierce, William Cosey
Date Given: January 15, 2023

William Cosey – Chuck, I heard in that tongue, I heard it this way. God says, “Walk the tight rope with Me.” You’re trusting in your own mind. “Walk the tight rope with Me.” Even as Mary didn’t understand Jesus was coming, she said “If that be you, if it’s be it unto me.” Peter walking on the water. “Is that you Lord? Bid me come.” God says, “People walk the tight rope with Me and see the blessings that I will outpour.” When you reach the other side.

Chuck Pierce – Whoa, whoa. Now I want you to look at somebody and say, “I’m not afraid that tightrope is gonna break.” ‘Cause the Holy Spirit filling you will make you buoyant. Like a hot air balloon. The Lord says, “Be filled and walk expecting Me to do something this year.”

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