Watch for the Dragon and the Silent Assassin

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Marty Cassady
Date Given: August 30, 2020

Marty Cassady – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, “Don’t allow the shrapnel from the war and conflict in your atmosphere to penetrate your eyes. Don’t allow the judgements from your past bloodlines to cause your eyes to be planked up. I say, for this is a time that I am opening eyes. I am opening eyes to things that have never been opened up. And I say, watch the dragon, for the dragon is on the move and the dragon is blowing fire. And the only way you can change the fire of the dragon is to have the fire and the spirit of burning of My Spirit,” saith the Lord. My fire can overcome the fire of the dragon that is surrounding.

Tobias Lyons – In Marty’s tongue, the Lord said that “I have had my eye on the silent assassin and that which has slipped through the guard at night.” The Lord says, “Know that in the striking of the lightning, that there are seven hosts of angelic assistance that I am sending.” The Lord says, “Seven posts of seven hosts representing the seven fold manifold wisdom. The seven spirits of who I am.” The Lord says, “My eye has been on the silent assassin and I am sending seven hosts to seven posts in my world. They will establish posts of righteousness, posts of justice and carry My wisdom, My discernment.” So the Lord says, “In the striking of the lightning and in the sound of the thundering, know that My hosts of angelic assistance had been released.”

Anne Tate – So the Lord says that, “Watchmen, look up, raise your vision, to see and to witness, and to watch what the Lord is doing in this season.” Ask Him for increase in your ability to watch and to see. “And not watching over what interests you, but watch over what interests Me in this season.

LeAnn Squier – I just begin to see as Chuck was prophesying the word that Tobias brought about the silent assassin. I was like, “Lord, that so bore witness to me. What is that?” And He said, “It is Ehud, and Eglon, and Eglon was the bloated King. So bloated, so overgrown. So out of order, the whole, you know, the reign of that King was it needed to come to an end. And God sent Ehud in there, and silently, silently, he did what he needed to do. And so just to bring that into a spiritual realm, of course, but I just felt like the Lord said, “I’ve had people waiting in the wings and they know how to walk, they know how to carry themselves. They know how to get into places that need to shift.”

And I just declare there’s a supernatural anointing over us to go into these key places. And with the weapons of the Spirit, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through God. And just to be able to get into places and see these overgrown bloated things, and I think of government waste. I think of injustice, I think of too much of too much of too much stuff. And it’s like, it’s almost like a saw Him putting that dagger in place, but like the air going out of this overgrown bloated thing. And so Father, I just thank you right now. There’s a righteous remnant Lord God that you’re raising up a righteous remnant of the remnant. And that you’re going to bring down unjust kingdoms. You’re gonna bring down unjust rulers. And Father, you’re gonna see that justice prevails and justice is our plumb line.

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