Watch for the Exchange of Power & the Overturned Rule

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: June 24, 2018

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you this is a time of watching. Watch carefully for I am in the process of exchanging power. I am coming down and where dedications have been made that have caused a power to be released in the earth and rulership to reign in the earth, I say to you I am coming down as the ancient of days to exchange those powers. I say to you this will create great disturbances throughout the earth. This will be as if electric shocks are going through the earth. So I say to you watch now for thrones are being exchanged and I am coming down to rest in places that I have not been in thousands of years. I say to you I am coming down. Watch carefully for there is now the beginning of the exchange of power. And I say what has ruled against you and what has been ruling against you I say this will be the day of the overturned rule against my people.

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