Wear His Name Into Conquest

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 8, 2023

Chuck Pierce – When we’re crossing over for conquest, it is His name stamped on you for all the enemies to see. When you’re walking into your assignment, the enemy must see His name manifesting on you. Adonai, Elohim, Jehovah. And remember, He had already revealed himself as Jehovah-Jireh. I can cause you to see what you need for provision. Father, we say we are wearing Your name as we cross over to face the enemy that is holding the promise that You’ve told us to be established within. And then He said, “I Am that I Am. I will be what you need Me to be.” And then, of course, Jehovah-Rapha, He revealed Himself first once they crossed over. You need a healer, you need to be healed from your past season. Therefore, wear Me as you go further into your conquest. And then He said, “I will be Jehovah-Nissi to you. I will put a banner over you and show you miracles and deliver you every time you need deliverance.” Wear Him into that which He is assigning you to walk into. Where He says, “Every gate, every opening that you face.” Now, this is an important principle. “Will have a name posted on it opposite of who I am. You must take My name to face off your gates of entry.” Father, we say right now, You are the king of all kings, You are the healer, You are the provider, You are Jehovah. You will be what we need at every gate we need to walk through, decree that the gates are opening up.

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