Wear The Identity That God Has Given You

Voices: Klancy Cunningham
Date Given: January 14, 2024

Klancy Cunningham – Last Sunday morning, I finished with a dream, and I’ll tell you just a smidge of it, but we were pregnant, men and women, and going into a classroom, leaving the classroom, an angel would stop us. We would have to go back in and get what we left behind. Different people left different things behind, but everybody left with the briefcase. But one thing that was left behind was a backpack. Now that’s significant to me, but the angel said, “We’re gonna have to redefine, relearn, and redeem. And I said, “Okay,” and I woke up. And for those that know me, I carry a backpack. Like for the last 15, 20 years, I’ve carried it because I’m practical, painfully practical. And the Lord spoke to me that morning and he said, “You need to shift that. And I said, “Okay, Lord, I will.” So I came to service that morning. And when I came to service that morning, Anita looked at me and said, “Clancy, you remember the project we were working on?” And I said, “Yeah, back in December.” And she said, “Well, there was a box that came for you and it’s in restore glory.” Now, I usually wouldn’t leave a service for anything ’cause I wanna get everything I can in here. But Holy Spirit kept nudging me, kept nudging me, kept nudging me. I went and opened this box. And when I opened this box, there was a white bag in it. And when I pulled out and opened up that white bag, it was a coach purse. I ain’t never owned a coach person in my life. I have never, now to top it off, let me tell you something. I no more than said, “All right God, what am I gonna do with this?” I walk around the corner, coming back into service, and LeAnn Squier says, “Daughters of this house.” Now that’s significant to me ’cause that’s where I put my dreams, is Daughter of This House on Facebook. And I said, “Uh oh,” and she said, “You’re supposed to look beautiful.” And the Lord spoke to me and said, “You ain’t gonna look like you did last season.” It’s time for us to look like who God has created us to be.

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