Worship Will Break the Locking System of This Nation

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: October 10, 2021

Chuck Pierce – We take this key and we unlock that gate of hell that has said, “We must not breathe, we must not praise, we must be overwhelmed and masked so we can’t determine and display the Kingdom of God.” We say today, “Heaven is being unlocked and the states of this nation are being unlocked.”

Tobias Lyons – Listen, last week the Lord showed me a key coming down, and when Chuck held that key up, I knew it was time to prophesy this. There’s a keyhole that opened up in Kansas, and the Lord said, “You have become so familiar with turning the key to the right, to open up structures.” The Lord said that, “I’m turning things over to the left. I’m about to break the locking system of this nation.” And the Lord says, “If you’ll let Me turn things over to the left, then I will unlock everything that has been captured in a locking structure.” The Lord says that, “Let Me turn it over to the left!”

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