You are Increasing in the Valley of Decision

Voices: Acijam Otxoa, Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce, Michelle Hadley
Date Given: October 20, 2019

  • Acijam Otxoa

(Speaking in the Spirit)

  • Brian Kooiman

For the Lord says, “this is an hour that are many in the valley of decision.” He says, “this is an hour that you will call to the nations” He say, “Thailand will you come into the harvest?” He says, “Japan will you come into the harvest?” The nations are in the field of decision. He says, “this is an hour that many, many, many will come in.”

  • Michelle Hadley

When he released that tongue I saw a cloud. This begin to plow the ground up and I say, those that are supposed to put their hands to the plow, don’t draw back.

  • Chuck Pierce

And I also heard, where you’ve been agreeing with sparse you need to agree with many. You need to say, I am increasing. I am moving from sparse to many. For I have sowed many seeds and in the midst of sowing many seeds I say, now I’m calling them back into the place of production.

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