You Carry the Resurrection Power of God

Voices: Anne Tate, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: April 9, 2020

Leanne Squire – ♪ There’s no power ♪ There’s no power in the grave ♪ That’s gonna keep His people down ♪ We have fought ♪ and we have won through the blood of the Son ♪ The one, the one, the one who’s victor over all ♪ There’s no grave, ♪ There’s no grave that’s gonna keep us a slave ♪ Or gonna hold our bodies down ♪ Cause we rise up every time ♪ Yes we rise up every time ♪ Yes we rise up, we rise up ♪ We rise up every morning there’s a new grace ♪ There’s a new dawn ♪ So we rise up ♪ Every time ♪

Anne Tate – The Lord says that we went into this in one way, and in one condition, into this isolation or this time apart, this pause, this reset with the Lord. But we are coming out of our graves in a whole different way. We will explode out, and we will not be the same people that went in. And we will carry the portion of the resurrection power of God, because nobody could have brought His people out in a whole new era, in a whole new way. If it had not been for the Lord, He’s still rolling stones.

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