You Determine the Announcement in August

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Michelle Hadley
Date Given: May 15, 2020

Michelle Hadley ♪- I just saw a big angel enter in Right over the center of this place And he’s hovering, he’s hovering, he’s hovering, I see him with a trumpet I say sound your trumpet You are welcome, Sound your trumpet ♪

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, it is yet been determined what the trumpet is sounding. I say, is it a divine announcement that I am bringing or is it a sound of war? I say, it has not been determined yet even for this nation that you stand in. And I say for the nations of the earth. So I say, listen intently to the sounds that I am bringing in the days ahead.

But I say to you, ready yourself for there will be a fight ahead. And I say get yourself readied, be filled, be ready, keep your oil burning for the fight is now determined. I say there will be a fight in the economic systems. And there will be fights over new political structures and confederations that are forming that are against My plan. I say get ready for there will be fights but the determination of war it still hangs in the balance. And I say in the heat of August, the air will be hot, it will be dry, but you will know the sound that I have proclaimed and you’ll see the movement.

You will see a movement of release or you will see the movement of war. I say over these next months you determine, you determine, you determine and you get ready and you determine the announcement that I will make. Have I not said, command ye me , that my hands will move on behalf of your sons and daughters. So you determine, you determine. And I say to the governments of the earth, you get ready. I am now visiting and overseeing each one of you to determine how you will move. The minute I said that, let’s just let the spirit I heard the spirit of God say , ready My people, ready My people.

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