You Must Go Under to Get In

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: November 13, 2022

Chuck Pierce – The instruments are prophesying. Let’s hear the violin for a moment. It’s saying stand still ’til I say go. Stand still and ready yourself. Now, Susanne, you made a sound a minute ago where it was sort of sharp and low. Let’s hear that sound. The Lord said, “Get ready. You’re not going over the fence. You’re going under the fence.” The Lord says, “You’re going to have to ready yourself to go but when I say go, you must get low. And once you get low you’ll go under and into your new place.” Very similar to what Keith was saying. You’re gonna have to go under to get in. So I say to you, don’t let the blockade in front of you bother you at all. Stand still, look at it and know at the right moment I already have your way under that blockade so that you end up on the other side.

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