You will Recover and the Assassin has Been Exposed

Voices: Keevy Phillips
Date Given: January 4, 2020

Keevy Phillips – For the Lord says, “Even now, I am the God that will rise up and scatter those enemies.” Lord says, “Even now, there has been a spirit of mocking that has tried to crept into this building but know this day by you worshiping this morning that thief and robber will no longer have access to this.” The Lord says, “Even now, I have stopped the assassin coming down from Sanger to 35 to this place on Sunday.” Says the spirit of the lord.

For the Lord says, “Even now, as you have spoken and worshiped me today know that the things that were stolen from you last season will be replaced seven times over. Know this day that the lives that were lost last year by the enemy. Know this day you will recover and the assassin has been exposed for who he is and what he’s gonna do and try to do here Sunday, but we have already gone before. We have already stopped it in its tracks. I am the God and I have weaponized you. You’re either gonna use your mouth or you’re gonna let other people die. It is up to you.”, says the Lord. Lord, give us the courage to speak! Give us the courage to move! Give us the courage to maneuver and access the realms of the spirit like you have wanted us to! “Know this day I am the Lord and I am dealing with my enemies.”, says the lord.

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