Your Better Angels

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: September 13, 2020

LeAnn Squier – So a couple of days ago, the Lord spoke to me a phrase and He said, “Your better angels. Your better angels.” And I was like, “I have no idea what that means.” And I just pondered. And I pondered, and pondered, and prayed about it. But this morning, praying for Chuck on his shoulders, I saw that we have the angels of the Lord, and then we have the fallen angels. And when He said, “Your better angels,” He was not talking about the ones, the fallen angels that are assigned to us. He was telling me, “You need to rise up and make sure you’re laying hold “of the better angels.” And so, as I was standing behind him, I saw that there are counselors that come to us that speak things into us that are not correct. And in the spiritual realm, they gain access to different things. But I literally saw how each one of us, and not so much for Chuck, but for each one of us, we have things that sit upon our shoulders and counsel us. And I think it’s time that we need to really take careful heed to what we are hearing, you know? We really need to sift to make sure, to ask God to purify what’s coming into our ears through the lower fallen realm. And you cannot get better things in better places with the Lord. You cannot get into a higher realm if you’re going to listen to the lesser counselors in the lesser realms and the fallen angels. So I just really think that we, as we’re praying for shoulders, necks, and heads, and I’m physically seeing things sitting on our sheltering shoulders whispering into our ears. So father, I’m just asking you begin to purify the flow of what we’re hearing. And Lord cause us to begin to discern between what is from the heavenly realm and what is from the holy realm. And what is from the realm of light and wonder, lights and wonder and perfections Lord. What is from that realm that we’re receiving and then what is coming from a lower fallen place. And I just say, right now we’re getting a new compass. We’re getting a new plumb line to discern and distinguish between the better angels, the higher things. And father, we just say, we are going to shut off the access and we just say it into the spirit realm right now. We are going to shut off the access of those lower fallen things that are trying to counsel us in going forward. We cut off that access and we rededicate ourselves once again to You, to your voice, to your purity, to your holiness, to your loveliness; to your love, to your power, to your goodness; to your joy, to your faithfulness, to your kindness, to your gentleness. Lord, we just say, we want the better things and the better angels to come and be the messengers that we receive.

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