Your Enemy Is Your Springboard

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 30, 2022

Chuck Pierce – Now, we get a lot of questions over why we would start worship like this. The issue about worship is you have to ascend, and if you felt defeated this week, you gonna have to get your foot back on the head of that thing that tried to defeat you. Then you have, he has to repay you two times, seven times, four times, 10 times, 30 times, 60 times, and a hundred fold. But your enemy is your springboard into that place of worship that God is calling you today so you can really come down, descend, and overtake him. Now, let’s worship and say, Lord, define my true enemy. For the Lord would say, I’m defining enemies right now. You are defining your enemy one way but I’m going to show you what your real enemy is, and when you began to celebrate over the defeat of that enemy, you will rise to new heights. And I would say to you, many are looking at the result and consequence of the enemy, but I say to you, look at the source of the lie, and you will know how to defeat that which is attempting to weaken and defeat you.

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