Your Intercession Will Set You Free and Change the World

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 28, 2023

Chuck Pierce – This was the island where when the boats would come from Africa, it was their first stop. It was like Ellis Island and they would have to get off and register before they were sold. That’s how incredible that piece of land is. Now, I looked out there and this will give you a little understanding of me and how God has made me. That was what was there. This is what I saw. And the Lord says, I’ve been watching over your slavery. I don’t care what color you are but I’ve been watching over your slavery. And the Lord says, this will be My day of sending down the lightning strikes that will cause your intercession to come alive and out of your intercession. You will be set free. Sayeth the Lord. I say to you, I knew who I needed to make America who it was going to be, and I make sure I remember every name that I have sent into America.

And I say to you that which has not been treated the way I would treat and I would honor. I say, this will be a new day of honor that comes in. And I say, from this new day of honor I am going to cause the beginning of the day. Now let me tell you what God is saying. The start of the day comes at 6:00 PM and He said to me the beginning of a new day to change the world will come from 460 years ago. I say to you, I have held My time and place but now the world will change in a new way. And I say to you, the intercession of My people now is going to come alive in a way that’s never come alive before. And the lightnings of God are going to come into the earth realm the way they have never come into the earth realm. Get ready. ‘Cause many of you will be struck by My lightning. And when My lightning strikes you, you will be empowered to decree what needs to be decreed for I have seeds that I have sown and I have people that have been dispersed that now their seed and their purpose through the generations will now come alive in a new way. Let’s thank God for what He’s gonna do.

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