Your Last Disappointment Will Become Your First Victory

Voices: Amman Beeftu, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Lisa Lyons, Mark Waldrep, Norma Urrabazo
Date Given: May 8, 2022

Amman Beeftu – Speaking in the Spirit

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord would say to you “I will surprise you this week “fulfilling My promise,” says the Lord. The Lord says, “The last shall be first again,” says the Lord. The Lord says, “The time is now for the last disappointment “to become the first victory in this month.” The Lord says, “The time is now for your last heartache “to become the first triumph this month. “I have divine reversal on My mind,” says the Lord. “Get out of My way and let Me surprise you. “I am a God full of surprises. “And in the fullness of time, “I have come to keep My word to you,” says the Lord. “Get out of My way “and let surprises happen on My behalf,” says the Lord.

Lisa Lyons – This is what the Lord spoke to me this morning. He says, “There is a unique procession of wisdom “I have ordered for you in the week ahead “and unique beginnings within that procession. “The voice of My wisdom has already been released “at each gate you will encounter this week. “Keep your heads raised, your ears tuned, “and your eyes fixed to watch “and listen for My wisdom that you might move successfully “through each gate you come upon this week “and apprehend the beginnings I have for you there.”

Mark Waldrep – In that tounge I heard the Lord say that that bridge that you haven’t crossed over because it looked a little funny, that’s just because of the other voice. So cross over that bridge this week. And at the end of that bridge will be more than what you expect.

Chuck Pierce – He actually said also in that tongue, “I will untie that place that you’re to cross over. “And what you couldn’t profess “with your mouth in the last season, “I am going to untie your tongue. “And you’ll be shouting it all the way “as you go into the next place.” Robyn Vincent just sent this from New Orleans. The Lord also said in that tongue, “Open your eyes, hear My word, bring dead things to life. “With the element of surprise, “you will see things in your atmosphere “and environment begin to blossom and be uncovered.” Shout, spring is here!

Norma Urrabazo – And I heard the Lord say this week that all you have to do is start stepping into the things that He’s already told you, stepping into the promises that He’s already given you. And as you start taking one step closer, He’s gonna pull you in step and allow you to skip into your destiny so that you can accomplish all the things that He’s called you to do, says the Lord.

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