Your Provision Is Already on Your Path

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce, Daniel Pierce, Linda Heidler
Date Given: May 30, 2021

Amber Pierce – And the Lord says don’t you see that you have everything. In Me you have more than enough. You have things that you haven’t even asked for. God says, ask Me. I’ve only wanted you to ask Me. Out of desperation you’ve taken and you’ve done things the wrong way, but he says ask Me and everything that you need is already before you.

Daniel Pierce – As I was standing here, I saw a picture of a tree. And I heard the words money doesn’t grow on trees. And then I heard the Lord say, yes, it does. There is a fruit. And there’s a harvest that comes from trees that translates into our prosperity. And there’s a tree that we’re grafted into. Lord I just thank you for that right now that that tree that we’re grafted into in You and in Your name is full of prosperity and is full of a harvest Father and that everything that you have for us is set apart, Lord it’s there for us to take a whole tub. And it’s a harvest that You have for us in Jesus’ name.

Chuck Pierce – You know, as Daniel and Amber sharing those things there’s something the Lord is trying to get us into today. That is beyond your thought process that you have in faith. In other words, if He needs to grow what you need on a tree He can grow it on a tree. Whatever you need if you ask, He already has the way to move it into place. Father, we thank You. Lord, we renounce that we are leaning on our own understanding and expectations. We thank You that You’re already moving things in place that we know not of.

Linda Heidler – One of the definitions of prosperity it means to be pushed forward. It’s beyond you. It’s not your own doing. It’s not your own power. God begins to act on you to push you forward. And it’s, it’s one of the ways He prospers us. And I was thinking of an incident a conversation I had with the Lord about that because we were in a time when there were just a lot of financial needs and I was rehearsing them to the Lord. I said, we need this. It’s going to cost this much. We need this. It’s going to cost this much, down the list to the bottom. I said, it is going to cost this much. He said, I have that much. He has that much! He has that much! And what I saw was, it wasn’t an issue of His supply. It was an issue of my position. And I saw here’s His supply. And here I am. And how do I get over here? So He can put that supply. It’s what Michelle sang. If you change your perspective, you’ll change your position. So Lord change our perspective to that prosperity perspective. You are the God of more than enough. You already have more than we ask for. If we ask, You’re just liable to give us more than what we’ve asked for that God, we declared a day. You have that much.

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