Your Submission Allows Me to Encompass and Surround You

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: November 21, 2021

LeAnn Squier – I suddenly realized, oh, it was Lauren was singing, Surrounded, Surrounded. And when she was singing it, I literally felt like I was being bumped into, bumped into, and I was trying to make my way almost through a crowd. And all of a sudden I realized I was encompassed by so many angels and it was so thick. It was crazy because we think, our angels out there, there’s one over here, there’s one. No, it was like going through a crowd of people and feeling just like this. And so I was kind of like, my mouth was hanging open for awhile. I was like Lord tell me about that. And it was like the guidance to, we submit our will daily. We die daily and we give it to Him daily. And He said, when you’re submitting your will and you ask Me to guide you, I want you to understand what that looks like. It looks like you are being herded by the angels, you are being pushed, you’re being jostled over there. And you can hardly get away from it when you really give your will to Him and you give your life to Him. He’s like, man, I’m gonna herd you into the place you need to be, I’m gonna get you in position, I’m gonna get you in that spot that you need to be. So don’t worry and don’t fear. Will you give it to Him? He’s got ways. He’s got ways.

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