You’re Coming out of Famine With a Divine Return

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce, Elaine Priestly
Date Given: May 8, 2020

Amber Pierce – I had a dream a couple days ago where I was organizing all of my jewelry, and I had found pieces of jewelry from my childhood that I had lost, and pieces of earrings that had been lost, and it was like I saw every piece of jewelry that I’d ever had throughout my life that had been lost and then things that I have now mixed together. But then there were broken crystals after I had organized my jewelry, it was like it fell under the ground. And there were broken crystals all around it, so it was hard for me to see all of the jewelry. And, so, what I just wanted to bless you with, when I had that dream, I saw that the Lord was bringing everything back to me that had been scattered or lost or stolen. And so, I just wanted to decree that over you, that everything that has been lost, stolen, scattered, would be brought back to you. Riches, monetary blessings, everything that has been lost, scattered, any inheritance that’s been lost or scattered be brought back to you, I decree that over you. I just speak the goodness of God over you, just the glory of God over you. Father, I just thank you for returning blessings that have been lost or stolen or broken or scattered in Jesus’ name.

Elaine Priestly – And I see that the Lord is saying, it’s just like the woman that returned, Gehazi was giving her testimony to the king. Not only did she receive everything back, but it was doubled. I say that you’ll receive the doubled, doubled, doubled. That the enemy will return it and he’ll return it doubled. Not, only that. She had people that would work the land. The Lord says, when your inheritance come in, with that which has been lost returned. The Lord says you will not strive, He says all you have to do is receive.

Chuck Pierce – Matter of fact, she was returned everything that had been squandered and captured for the 7 year period that there had been famine. I decree you are coming out not only out of famine but you’re coming out with a divine return. This divine return is that, which brings you the excess that you need for the future.

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